I grew up exploring the forests of northern Vermont, and have now worked professionally with trees and wood for over a decade. During this time I have developed multiple skills, including arborist tree services, timber stand improvement, sustainable forestry consultation, eco-friendly building techniques, timber framing, boat renovation and construction, fine woodworking, and hand carving functional art. I have worked with many skilled craftsmen over the years, including an apprenticeship with renowned boatbuilder Harry Bryan.

As a human ecologist I enjoy taking a multifaceted approach to my work.  I continually consider aesthetics, environmental concerns, economic implications, and effects on wildlife, as well as health and human safety.  I find it satisfying to make the process transparent from forest to furniture, strengthening our connection to the resources on our land and deepening our understanding of where things come from and how they are made.

When I am not up in a tree or in my workshop I enjoy being on the water. I have worked on tall ships, and more recently lived with my wife aboard our 30' Choey Lee sailboat.  I now split my time between Portland, Maine, and Fairfield, Vermont.